Our composite maple bats are all black only and available in two lengths. You can choose branding color and two personalizations on knob.
We ship in the first weeks of April for all orders received between January 1st and March 31st. Subsequently, we ship in 4 to 6 business days.


A solid one piece maple bat strengthened over the handle by a double braided fibreglass sleeving bonded with a very hard resin epoxy.

!!! Our composite bat is covered with fiberglass on near two third of his length, letting you hit the ball directly on wood

This large barrel model, medium handle with a comfortable flared knob is designed for power and gap hitters. It combines durability, hardness, lot of pop and comes with a 60 day limited warranty.

To increase bat durability and maintain its performance, it’s essential to:
  • evenly distribute impacts all around the barrel by rotating the bat a few degrees on every hit;
  • avoid hitting baseballs thrown by a pitching machine.


Technical Specifications
Based on model: I13
Knob: Flared
Handle: 0.965 in.
Barrel: 2.510 in.
Weight: Between -3 et -2


Quantity in stock: 0

Quantity in stock: 0