Yellow Birch and Hard Maple

Our baseball bats are made of two types of wood : yellow birch and hard maple.

Yellow birch, provincial tree of Quebec, is an appropriate type of wood for the manufacture of bats. Also called “Merisier” in Quebec, this tight-grained hardwood combines hardness and flexibility. According to impact bending strength tests conducted by forestry labs , yellow birch impact resistance is 41% higher than maple and 28% higher than ash. Although its use is relatively new in the world of baseball, bats made of yellow birch are becoming more prevalent at all levels of play.

Hard Maple, Canada's arboreal emblem, is used to make baseball bats since the early 90’s, while improved techniques for drying wood have yielded lighter billets. This very tight-grained hardwood combines hardness and stiffness. Compared to yellow birch, hard maple hardness is 15% higher, but its impact resistance is much lower. Although bats made of hard maple forgive less on bad contacts, they are very popular and used a lot at all levels of play.


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