Terms and Conditions

Return policy

For our baseball bat, we require the highest wood quality available on the market. Before applying the finish, all bats are inspected to exclude those having imperfections. Only bats without apparent defects move to the finishing step. Once completed, the bats go to quality control to ensure compliance of the bat, its high quality and its premium finish.

Wood bats (Pro Birch and Pro Maple)

When we deliver your bat, we are convinced of its quality. For this reason and due to the nature of the sport, we do not guaranty our wood bats (Pro Birch and Pro Maple) against breakage or other failure. We therefore do not accept any return and we do not offer replacement. However, you may be eligible for a discount on your next purchase: See details.

Maple Composite bats

Our Maple composite bats are covered by a 60 day limited warranty. If a failure occurs within the warranty time frame, you can return the bat so we can review it and determine if it meets the conditions of our warranty coverage. See details.

Weight of the bat

Each billet used for the manufacture of the bats has a weight of its own. The billets are selected to try to give a final weight of -2.5 to your bat *. The end of the barrel is cupped to help to get this weight. Wood is an unpredictable natural resource, it is possible that your bat gain weight when exposed to very wet conditions or even more rarely lose weight when exposed to very dry conditions. When we ship your bat, his weight should be between -3 and -1.5 drop.  The weight can change slighlty during the expedition depending of ambient air humidity.
* The number -2.5 refers to the difference length/weight. A bat with a drop of -2,5 will weight 30.5oz if measuring 33 inches.

Bat colors

The available bat colors that we display on the website are a graphical representation of the color. Actual colors, applied on your bat may be slightly different from colors displayed on website.

Knob personnalization

Zero K may deny any entry or image deemed inappropriate, indecent, vulgar, or hateful, discriminatory or obscene.

Shipping and delivery time

We ship in 4 to 6 business days if the order contains a customizable bat (Pro Birch, Pro Maple or Composite maple) or in 1 to 2 business days if the order contains only non-customizable bats (clearance bats).

Orders received between January 1st and March 31st containing customizable bats are shipped mid-April.
Canada Post Expedited Parcel service delivery times differ from one destination to another. If requested, we can provide you the tracking number of your shipment. You can enter this number in the Canada Post website to get an estimated delivery date.

The hand-delivery takes place in Quebec City at a point of rendezvous communicated to the buyer a few days before delivery can be made. It is possible that we ask you to present identification before you take possession of your bat.


Zero K is not liable for how you use your baseball bat and not liable for injuries, intentional and unintentional, that the bat or a piece of bat may cause in whole or in parts. It is your responsibility to regularly inspect your bat to locate cracks, splits or other anomalies that could affect the integrity of your bat. Use your bat only if in good condition and shows no anomaly.